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Katrina's Naughty Sensual Domination Phone Sex!! 33 years old

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Caucasian (N. American / W. European)


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Consider this Naughty Sensual Domination Phone Sex scenario.

Youre a submissive male looking to be dominated but you dont like an extreme amount of pain. Your fantasies center around exposure, some humiliation, and of course, being used like a slut. In the deepest recesses of your mind, you want to be objectified and used like a slut by not one, but many women and even some men.

In this particular Sensual Domination Phone Sex fantasy, you will play my submissive boyfriend. In everything we do together, I am the one in charge and you like it that way. I tell you to jump and you say, how high. This evening, I tell you to strip naked and then I bind your wrists and ankles. You hear the doorbell ring as Im tying the blindfold securely over your eyes. Then I leave you alone to get the door. In the bedroom blind and naked, you hear muted voices. You can just make out that its more than one person. Your nervous but incredibly aroused. You have no idea what is going to happen, but it thrills you to know that you might be exposed to other people.

Call me and tell me what type of Sensual Domination or simply Sensual Phone Sex fantasy you love!

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Phone Sex Only -$20.00 for the first 10 minutes and $2.00 a minute after that.

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I am a professional service provider. Any fees or compensation paid to me are for my time and companionship only. Any actions that take place within our contracted timeframe are a matter of mutual choice between consenting adults. Any scenarios, fantasy or otherwise, contained in this ad are purely that; they do not constitute any form of contractual obligation. I do not engage in any unlawful acts. I reserve the right not to enter into any arrangement with those whom I reasonably believe to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or for any other reason at my sole discretion.

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